Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are you –sterdam?

We were impressed by this city full of ‘I amsterdam’ in every corner. Amsterdam, a city ranked as most business friendly city in Europe by foreign direct investments (FDI) magazine, uses this slogan to express its welcoming for expats.  Another carrier of the message is Amsterdam Expat Center, a place opened in June 2008 and has served more than 6,000 expats per year. It is also the reason why our delegation, formed by our EXPAT project partners from Estonia, Latvia and Finland  flew to Netherlands in November 23rd and started a two-day study trip. We were amazed by the Amsterdam Expat Center’s clear definition on their service target and its determination as well as strategy of cutting the red tapes for internationals.

60 kilometers away is the international city of Peace and Justice, the Hague. International Center  opened its doors in November 2010. Despite its young existence, almost half of international organizations confirm their expat employees are using its services. At the time we arrived at the center was ongoing ‘Welcome to the Hague’ morning: Coffee and pastry were offered, information and stories were told, 34 newly arrived expats were starting their new journey from that point.

Two days are too short to learn everything from forerunners, but long enough to convince ourselves of confidence and find the direction of our endeavors.
- Li Chen-


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