Thursday, December 20, 2012

Developing services for international talents

What is good, what is missing to make Turku region a happy home for you? November 29th 23 highly skilled expats were invited to Mauno Koivisto Center to answer this question. The event was organized by EXPAT project. The target of the project is to develop Innovative services for international talents and easier access to the Central Baltic Sea Region. As project partner and work package leader, Turku Science Park has dedicated exhaustive planning and solid works.

The event started at a happy and relaxing atmosphere. Mr. Mika Akkanen, Manager of International Affairs at City of Turku, expressed a warm welcome to international talents and gratitude to EXPAT project. The story of EXPAT project was told by project manager, Ms. Christine Chang from Uusimaa Regional Council. English stand-up comedian Shaz Rahman made his audience laugh and touched by his expat experience.

The result of the survey on the life quality of EXPAT in Turku region was disclosed by Ville Santalahti from The Regional Council of Southwest Finland.  In Turku region there were 154 respondents who answered the survey.  78 % highly skilled expats feel they can ‘fulfill my goals in the country of residence’; only 34 % respondents think ‘there are activities to learn about the country and its customs’.

In the workshop section, the expats were divided into three groups. They were asked to describe their needs based on a ‘timeline journey’ tracking the procedure before and one month, half a year, one year and five years after their moving into Turku region. They were also asked to evaluate ‘existing services’ in Turku region and propose ‘new services’ for the future. The result from the workshop indicates that a general guideline on the procedure of settling down is mostly needed. Furthermore, more social international events are on the top of the waiting list.

-Li Chen-

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