Thursday, September 5, 2013

Expats meet Team Finland

Talents Avaible: Tapping the talent pool for global growth 5th Septmber Paasitorni

On September 5, 2013, Shuo Wang got out of bed at 4 o’clock, packed her trolley case and flew from Joensuu to Helsinki. It was a beautiful morning: first rays of the new rising sun were carried by the imposing castle-like Paasitorni which is built in stone carved out of the bedrock. There was the venue for the conference:  “Talents Available: Tapping the talent pool for global growth”.

Shuo is one the talents who are valuable for building “Team Finland” and whom Expat-project is aiming to serve. Originated from China, she is studying Business and International Marketing at University of Joensuu. When she received the invitation to the conference, she felt it was worth all the trouble to attend.

At the event, the Prime Minister, Mr. Jyrki Katainen opened the conference addressing the importance of Sino-Finnish cooperation to Finnish economy and the contribution of Chinese community in Finland to its development.   Company HRs and leaders from Wärtsillä, Stora Enso and Dynaset  shared their experience in employing Chinese talents and how they have expanded in China through Chinese employer’s local know how.  There were successful expats who gave tips on how they have found their positions in Finland.

In the afternoon, the Expat-project which looked into the perspective of individual internationals’ need in settling in Finland and nearby countries was showcasing active expat organizations in Helsinki region including InterNations, IESAF, Expat meet-up and proposed concrete action in talent retention services–HERIEC-project as an example. Turku and Helsinki local actors’ lively discussion on the topic “Global talents available-response from Finland” shown their strong commitment to the issue and the will to further develop the idea of “HERIEC” model.

Poll of choices, poll of voices! (photo. Tuula Palaste-Eerola)
The conference was full of surprises and laughter: Roman Schatz’s hosting with witty words, expats’ Stand Up comedy which triggered deep thoughts about expat’s on-boarding experience, as well as a multicultural performance by Maailma-kuoro summarized the day with the word “diversity”.

A long day full of programs! Why was Shuo able to stay until the end of the conference i.e. 7 o’clock in the evening? Click below links, you will find the answer:

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-Li Chen-

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