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EU Open Days 2013

9.10.2013, European Commission, Centre Borschette
“Managing global talent retention-exploring solutions of social innovation through cross-border cooperation”

Human capital – a decisive factor for Europe and Uusimaa to grow
Juha Eskelinen and Christine Chang spoke of the issue of talent retention at EU Open Days 2013.
“Human capital is a decisive factor for an economy to grow in a long run. In order to make Europe an attractive destination for highly skill immigrants, all level of governments should take a holistic approach on the immigration policy and services dedicated to immigrants” addressed by Christine Chang, Project Manager of the Expat-project, Uusimaa Regional Council.  

Invited by the European Commission, Juha Eskelinen, Deputy Regional Mayor of Helsinki-Uusimaa region and Christine Chang, Project Manager of the Expat-project, spoke of the experiences of talent retention from North Europe and from Central Baltic Sea region at the seminar “Managing global talent retention” during EU open Days in Brussels on 9.10.2013.

Nordic countries have a long history of hosting a single labour market by honouring the free movement agreement since 1950’s. At that time, Finland and Norway were losing its skill labour force to Sweden and Denmark where its living standard and life quality were much better. “But in the course of increasingly transfer of business and knowledge, Finland and Norway now actually benefit from the networks and knowledge from its citizens who had moved to other Nordic countries“, exclaimed by Juha Eskelinen.
Europe is not an attractive destination to highly skilled immigrants compared to other settlement countries such as USA or Canada while we take into account that there are 28 bureaucratic systems and languages spoken within Europe. “Europe should make effort to attract talents, a common framework of immigration policy and services should be possible to minimize the obstacles of integration process through cross-border cooperation” emphasised by Dr. Yves Pascouau, Head of Immigration and Diversity Programme, European Policy Centre. 

Europe is competing with settlement countries, e.g. USA or Canada, for global talents and in response to the critical concerns of the attractiveness of the Europe to highly skilled immigrants, Christine Chang proposed the European Union to take a proactive approach in the issue of talent attraction and retention.  “Immigration is not just about economic benefit to the region. In order to utilize the full potential of the immigrants who move to Europe and our regions, social needs and social integration of immigrants should also be taken into account by all level of governments and the host society“, concluded by Chang.
The “Managing global talent retention through cross-border cooperation” seminar attracted more than 70 participants from EU institutions, regional authorities and universities to the EC premises Centre Boschette on 9.10.2013. The seminar was organised by the European Commission as one of the main programme during EU Open Days 2013. Expat-project is an EU ERDF-funded project with partners from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. The lead partner of the project is Uusimaa Regional Council.  

Speakers taking questions from the audience

Stockholm Region EU office

Expat-project organised seminar: “Pulling resources together: exchange of best practise in talent retention for Europe”

Building Europe’s competence through human capital 

The future of Europe depends on the human capital it hosts in the region.  In addressing future demograhic changes and internalisation of industry, labour migration has a key role to drive economic development in the long term. To prepare Europe for a flourishing and competitive future, the Expat-project brought together EC immigration officer Ms. Eva Schultz, various EU projects and regions to discuss about how Europe can cultivate its human capital already now at the seminar “pulling resource together” on 10 October 2013 at Stockholm region EU office in Brussels.
To set the scene of the current European immigration policy, the “pulling resource together” seminar was opened by Ms. Eva Schultz, European Commission. She emphasised on the key areas in the European Agenda for the topic of immigration including involvement of the civil participants, local action and involvement of the sourcing countries.  

Event opened by the moderator Juha Eskelinen, Deputy Regional Mayor of Helsinki-Uusimaa Region
Christine Chang and Juha Eskelinen taking questions from the public
Amongst all project presented from the seminar, Expat-project, OneBSR, Brain-flow Mini-Programme and Working4Talent, they all empahased the  importance of the host community to be engganed with immgrants’ integration process. The engagement could be through personal connections but also general public’s  welcoming attitude towards the newcomers.

The seminar raised the important aspect of talent retention policy: a strategy on human capital, along side with Immigration and innovation strategies, will needed to be developed hand in hand. To ensure the host society to utilize full potential of its newcomers, the regions should, amonst other measures, better take advantage of social networks as pathways to for immigrants’ professional and social intergration. Concrete best practise of talent retention services were also presented by the Expat-project and Tendensor AB. For more information, please see presentations from the event here.

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