Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Expat-project has ended.

Altogether 10 partners, representing the regional, municipal and academic stakeholders, were brought together during the Expat-project of 2012-2013. The project was led by Uusimaa Regional Council and the thematic work was carried out by Turku Science Park Ltd, Riga Planning Region and the City of Uppsala. Alongside the University of Latvia, e-Governance Academy, the Institute of Baltic Studies, Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the Regional Council of Southwest Finland, all of the actors have contributed to the implementation of this project and are enthusiastically driving towards a welcoming Central Baltic Sea Region.

During the project approximately one hundred institutions from the Central Baltic Sea Region and Amsterdam, The Hague, Toronto, Shanghai, Seoul and Tbilisi have contributed their precious time to the research work as interviewees or participants in the workshops. Moreover, there are more than 1000 expats from the Central Baltic Sea Region involved in an extensive questionnaire survey and several workshops designed to help the development of the Expat-platform pilot and policy recommendations.   

We would like to say big thank you for all of you for your great work and support during this project! We hope that with this work we have succeeded to make our beautiful and wonderful region even more welcoming – and your home to stay!

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